Oscar Directors: Strick, Joseph (Ulysses, Interviews With My Lai Veterans) Dies at 86.

Joseph Strick, the Oscar-winning director and producer, died June 1 of congestive heart failure at the Val de-Grace hospital in Paris. He was 86.

Strick is best known as the director, co-writer and producer of the 1967 film adaptation of the James Joyce novel Ulysses, for which he was nominated with Fred Haines in the adapted screenplay category.

Strick won his Academy Award for the 1971 short documentary “Interviews With My Lai Veterans,” which featured U.S. soldiers present at the My Lai massacre in Vietnam.

Strick also helmed and wrote (with Ben Maddow and Sidney Meyers) the lacerating Los Angeles-based 1960 film “The Savage Eye” that earned BAFTA’s Robert J. Flaherty Award for best documentary.

He also produced (with Lewis Allen and Jack Couffer) the 1983 film “Never Cry Wolf” and the 1996 BBC documentary “The Hecklers.”

An aerial photographer during World War II, Strick is survived by his five children, Jeremy Strick, Betsy Strick, David Strick, Terence Strick and Helene Strick-Marchand; his wife Martine; and six grandchildren.