Oscar Directors: Molinaro, Eduard–Background, Career, Awards, Filmography

September 30, 2020

Eduardo Molinaro Career Summation

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First Oscar Nomination: La Cage Aux Folles, 1979,  51

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Death: 85

Édouard Molinaro (May 13, 1928–December 7, 2013) was a French film director and screenwriter.

He was born in Bordeaux, Gironde.

He is best known for his comedies with Louis de Funès (Oscar, Hibernatus), My Uncle Benjamin (with Jacques Brel and Claude Jade), Dracula and Son (with Christopher Lee), and the Academy Award-nominated La Cage aux Folles (with Michel Serrault and Ugo Tognazzi). Molinaro was active as a director until a few years before his death, although after 1985 he had almost exclusively been producing works for television.[2]

In 1996, his cinematic work was awarded the René Clair Award, a prize given by the Académie française for excellent film work.

Molinaro died of a respiratory insufficiency in 2013. He was 85.

Filmography (as director)

Les Alchimistes (1957, short)
Le Dos au mur [fr] (Back to the Wall, Evidence in Concrete, 1958) — based on a novel by Frédéric Dard
Des femmes disparaissent [fr] (The Road to Shame, 1959) — based on a novel by Gilles-Maurice Dumoulin [fr]
Un témoin dans la ville [fr] (Witness in the City, 1959) — screenplay by Boileau-Narcejac
Une fille pour l’été [fr] (A Lover for the Summer, A Mistress for the Summer, 1960) — based on a novel by Maurice Clavel
The Passion of Slow Fire (1961) — based on a novel by Georges Simenon
Les Ennemis [fr] (Touch of Treason, 1962) — based on a novel by Fred Noro [fr]
The Seven Deadly Sins (1962, anthology film)
Arsène Lupin contre Arsène Lupin [fr] (Arsene Lupin vs. Arsene Lupin, 1962) — Arsène Lupin sequel
Une ravissante idiote (Agent 38-24-36, The Ravishing Idiot, 1964) — based on a novel by Charles Exbrayat
Male Hunt (1964)
Quand passent les faisans [fr] (When the Pheasants Pass, 1965)
To Commit a Murder (1967) — based on a novel by Jacques Robert
Oscar (1967) — based on a play by Claude Magnier [fr]
Hibernatus (1969) — based on a play by Jean Bernard-Luc
Mon oncle Benjamin (My Uncle Benjamin, 1969) — based on a novel by Claude Tillier [fr]
La Liberté en croupe [fr] (1970) — based on a novel by Jacques Perry
Les Aveux les plus doux [fr] (The Most Gentle Confessions, 1971) — based on a play by Georges Arnaud
La Mandarine [fr] (Sweet Deception, 1972) — based on a novel by Christine de Rivoyre
Le Gang des otages [fr] (The Hostage Gang, 1973)
L’Emmerdeur (A Pain in the A…, 1973) — screenplay by Francis Veber
L’Ironie du sort [fr] (The Irony of Chance, 1974) — based on a novel by Paul Guimard
Histoires insolites [fr]: Un jour comme les autres avec des cacahuètes (1974, TV series episode)
Le Téléphone rose [fr] (The Pink Telephone, 1975) — screenplay by Francis Veber
Dracula and Son (1976) — Dracula parody
Man in a Hurry (1977) — based on the novel The Man in a Hurry by Paul Morand
Madame le juge [fr]: Le Dossier Françoise Muller (1978, TV series episode)
Claudine [fr] (1978, TV miniseries) — based on the Claudine novels by Colette
La Cage aux folles (1978) — screenplay by Francis Veber, based on the play La Cage aux Folles by Jean Poiret
Il était un musicien: Monsieur Strauss (1979, TV series episode)
Cause toujours… tu m’intéresses! [fr] (1979) — screenplay by Francis Veber, based on a novel by Peter Marks
La Pitié dangereuse (1979, TV film) — based on Beware of Pity by Stefan Zweig
Sunday Lovers (1980, anthology film) — screenplay by Francis Veber
La Cage aux Folles II (1980) — screenplay by Francis Veber, sequel to La Cage aux Folles
Au bon beurre (1981, TV film) — based on The Best Butter by Jean Dutourd
Pour cent briques, t’as plus rien… (For 200 Grand, You Get Nothing Now, 1982) — based on a play by Didier Kaminka [fr]
La Veuve rouge [fr] (1983, TV film) — based on a novel by Armand Lanoux
Just the Way You Are (1984)
Palace [fr] (1985)
L’Amour en douce [fr] (Love on the Quiet, 1985)
Le Tiroir secret (1986, TV miniseries)
Un métier du seigneur (TV film) — based on A Noble Profession by Pierre Boulle
L’Ivresse de la métamorphose (1988, TV miniseries) — based on The Post Office Girl by Stefan Zweig
Door on the Left as You Leave the Elevator (1988) — based on a play by Gérard Lauzier
La Ruelle au clair de lune (1988, TV film) — based on Moonbeam Alley by Stefan Zweig
Manon Roland (1989, TV film) — biographical film about Madame Roland
Les Grandes Familles (1989, TV miniseries) — based on a novel by Maurice Druon
Le Gorille [fr]: La Peau du gorille (1990, TV series episode)
L’Amour maudit de Leisenbohg [fr] (1991, TV film) — based on a novella by Arthur Schnitzler
Coup de foudre: Résurgence (1992, TV series episode)
Coup de foudre: Grand, beau et brun (1992, TV series episode)
La Femme abandonnée (1992, TV film) — based on The Deserted Woman by Honoré de Balzac
The Supper (1992) — based on a play by Jean-Claude Brisville
Ce que savait Maisie (1995, TV film) — based on What Maisie Knew by Henry James
Beaumarchais (1996) — biographical film about Beaumarchais, based on a play by Sacha Guitry
H (1998–1999, TV series, 14 episodes)
Nora (1999, TV film) — based on Watch and Ward by Henry James
Tombé du nid [fr] (1999, TV film)
Nana (2001, TV film) — loosely based on Nana by Émile Zola
Un homme par hasard [fr] (2003, TV film)
Navarro: Double meurtre (2005, TV series episode)
Une famille pas comme les autres [fr] (2005, TV film)
Les Hommes de cœur [fr] (2005–2006, TV series, 3 episodes)
Navarro: Manipulation (2005, TV series episode)
Le Tuteur [fr] (2005–2008, TV series, 5 episodes)
Dirty Slapping (2008, TV short film)

Films directed by Édouard Molinaro
Back to the WallThe Road to ShameWitness in the CityUne fille pour l’étéThe Passion of Slow FireA Touch of TreasonThe Seven Deadly Sins (segment)Arsene Lupin vs. Arsene LupinAgent 38-24-36Male HuntWhen the Peasants PassTo Commit a MurderOscarHibernatusMy Uncle BenjaminLa liberté en croupeThe Most Gentle ConfessionsSweet DeceptionThe Hostage GangA Pain in the A…The Irony of ChanceThe Pink TelephoneDracula and SonThe Hurried ManLa Cage aux FollesCause toujours… tu m’intéresses!Sunday Lovers (segment)La Cage aux Folles IIFor 200 Grand, You Get Nothing NowJust the Way You ArePalaceLove on the QuietDoor on the Left as You Leave the ElevatorThe SupperBeaumarchais