Oscar Actors: Leto, Jared in Dallas Buyers Club as Transgender with AIDS

Jared Leto returned to acting after a five years hiatus in the fact-based drama Dallas Buyers Club in 2013, directed by Jean-Marc Vallee and co-starring Matthew McConaughey.

Leto portrayed Rayon, a drug addicted transgender woman with AIDS who befriends McConaughey’s character Ron Woodroof.

In order to accurately portray his role, Leto lost 30 pounds, shaved his eyebrows and waxed his entire body. He stated the portrayal was grounded in his meeting transgender people while researching the role.  During the shoot, Leto refused to break from character.

Dallas Buyers Clubreceived widespread critical acclaim and became a financial success, resulting in various accolades for Leto, who was awarded the  Best Support Actor Oscar, Golden Globe, Screen Actors Guild Award, and many film critics’ circle awards for the role.