Oscar Actors: Granville, Bonita (Nominated for These Three)

Bonita Granville was born on February 2, 1923 in New York City; she died in 1988.

The daughter of showbusiness people, Granville went on the stage at three and in the 1930s became popular as a child performer in films, specializing in naughty little girl roles.

She was Memorable as the little mischief-maker of “These Three” (Oscar nomination, 1936) and as the leader of the hysteria-crazed pack of “bewitched” village girls in “Maid of Salem”(1937).

In addition to her many vicious and mischievous roles, she also played some engaging young leads and portrayed fictional girl detective Nancy Drew in the film series of the late 1930s. She settled into routine leading lady roles in the 40s.

She retired from the screen shortly after her 1947 marriage to Texas oilman and entrepreneur Jack Wrather and became an executive in his vast business empire, the Wrather Corporation, with holdings in oil wells, real estate, hotels, and entertainment enterprises, including the Muzak Company and television programs.

As Bonita Granville Wrather, she became the associate producer, then producer of her husband’s “Lassie” TV series. She held a series of executive positions in the company and succeeded her husband as board chairman after his death in 1984.

She was also involved in civic and cultural affairs, serving as chair of the American Film Institute, trustee of the John F. Kennedy Center, and board member of various organizations and charities.

Oscar Nominations: 1

1936: Supporting Actress, “These Three.”

The winner was Gale Sondergaard for “Anthony Adverse.”