Oscar Actors: Berenger, Tom

Born May 31, 1950 in Chicago.

Handsome, masculine star of Hollywood films, Tom Berenger started out in regional theater and offoff Broadway and appeared in daytime TV soaps before breaking into movies in the mid1970s.

He made an impression in Lawrence Kasdan's ensemble piece, “The Big Chill” (1983). For his memorable turn as the warhardened Sgt. Barnes in Platoon, he earned a best supporting actor Oscar nomination. He appeared as an amorous plumber on the final two episodes of the TV sitcom “Cheers” (1993).

Oscar Alert

In 1986, Tom Berenger competed for the Best Supporting Oscar with Michael Caine in “Hannah and Her Sisters” (who won), Willem Dafoe, who was also nominated for “Platoon” (as the good sergeant), Denholm Elliott in the period comedy “A Room With a View,” and Dennis Hopper in “Hoosiers.”