Women in Film: Vanessa Taylor (Co-Writer Shape of Water) on Sexism in Hollywood

Variety Reports:

Normally, when I’m approached with a project on which they’re “looking for a female writer,” I pass. Oftentimes when they say they want a woman to write a particular story, what they really mean is that it’s a story about a woman or girl that they believe only women or girls will ever care about. And you never hear they’re “looking for a male writer,” despite the fact that often only male writers are being considered for a job. 

Now I’ve been asked to write about how Hollywood has changed, “from a female screenwriter’s perspective.” You see my problem here. But I think it’s a question worth weighing in on, particularly now. I’m not a journalist so, based purely on my own experience, I’d say in gender terms, Hollywood has “changed” only at the margins and only very recently. If you’d asked me this question a year ago, I’d have been grasping at straws.

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‘Shape of Water’ Screenwriter Vanessa Taylor: ‘No Such Thing as Being Unaffected By Sexism in Hollywood’