Another Round: Vinterberg’s Tale of Teachers Drinking, Starring Mads Mikkelsen

“It’s difficult to classify this movie is in terms of genre. In writing, you often have rules — but when we tried to narrow down our script to tame the beast, it kind of killed it. It really was as if the script had to be drunk as well–Vinterberg

Telluride Film Fest 2020: Canceled due to Pandemic

The 2020 edition of the Telluride Film Festival has been canceled due to the pandemic.

Uncut Gems: Interview with the Directors Josh and Benny Safdie

Interview with Josh and Benny Safdie Origins of movie: JOSH: We made a movie called Daddy Longlegs, which was kind of an attempt to understand things that happened when we were younger from an adult perspective. It was about how memory forms. We finished Daddy Longlegs in 2009 and pemiered it in 2009. And we […]

1917: Director Mendes’ Grandfather Influenced the War Movie

Mendes’ grandfather told a story about the need to deliver a message between various posts at dusk. This task required him to move through no man’s land, the space between the trenches of the two opposing sides, which meant likely death if the other side spotted you. When it came time to write his war movie, Mendes used this idea as the launching point for his own story.

Irishman, The: Interview with Star De Niro

De Niro gives the performance of a lifetime as Frank Sheeran, also known as “The Irishman” in Scorsese’s three and a half hours mob epic. The film is told from Frank’s point of view as he gives an insider account of his life as a hitman. He describes in detail his involvement with the darkest […]