1917: Director Mendes’ Grandfather Influenced the War Movie

Mendes’ grandfather told a story about the need to deliver a message between various posts at dusk. This task required him to move through no man’s land, the space between the trenches of the two opposing sides, which meant likely death if the other side spotted you. When it came time to write his war movie, Mendes used this idea as the launching point for his own story.

Irishman, The: Interview with Star De Niro

De Niro gives the performance of a lifetime as Frank Sheeran, also known as “The Irishman” in Scorsese’s three and a half hours mob epic. The film is told from Frank’s point of view as he gives an insider account of his life as a hitman. He describes in detail his involvement with the darkest […]

Irishman: Scorsese’s Masterwork–Behind the Scenes

Scorsese’s highly anticipated organized crime epic, The Irishman. finally made its debut at the 2019 New York Film Fest–to great critical acclaim.

Eighth Grade: Bo Burnham, from Stand-Up Comic to Director

Bo Burnham made a splash with his directing debut, Eighth Grade, released with great success by A24. Burnham transferred from standup performer to filmmaker. ┬áHe started as a YouTube sensation at age 16. A dozen years later, he won the DGA award for best first film, and Eighth Grade is nominated for four Indie Spirit […]

Green Book: Mortensen Apologizes for Using the N-Word

Oscar winner Mahershala Ali (“Moonlight”) has accepted an apology from his Green Book co-star Viggo Mortensen for using the N-word on at a screening of their film, but noted that it was not appropriate for him to use the slur.