Zone of Interest, The: Cinematographer Lukasz Zal on “Forgetting Everything I Learned” to Make Harrowing Holocaust Drama

To film The Zone of Interest, Jonathan Glazer’s harrowing Holocaust drama–and major Oscar contender–about the domestic life of an Auschwitz commandant and his family, Polish cinematographer Lukasz Zal had to “forget everything I was taught” about making “beautiful images.”

Kidnapping: Director Bellochio on Why His Competition Film Needed to Be Italian (Cannes Fest 2023)

Bellocchio’s latest feature, Kidnapping, marks his eighth time in Cannes competition.

Cannes Film Fest 2023: Josh (“The Crown”) O’Connor on his Role in “La Chimera” and Affinity with Italian Director Rohrwacher

Unlike his troupe, whose Chimera — or unattainable dream — is the promise of striking it rich through buried treasure, Arthur’s quest is more spiritual.

Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything: Director Emily (“More Than Ever”) Atef on Breaking Female Sexuality Taboo

Emily Atef, the French-German filmmaker, took risks with her latest movie, Someday We’ll Tell Each Other Everything, one of the Berlinale’s most divisive movies in competition.

Menu, The: Mark Mylod’s Horror Satire Set in a Restaurant, Starring Ralph Fiennes, Anya Taylor-Joy

In The Menu, the exclusive experience of the remote restaurant Hawthorn is as much about who’s in attendance as the meticulously crafted plates.