Von Lux: Natalie Portman as Pop Star in Brady Corbett’s New Film

“Von Lux is the most political film I’ve made,” Natalie Portman said about Brady Corbet’s film, which world premiered at Venice Film Fest and will next play at Toronto Fest

Portman plays Celeste, an American pop star who survived a school shooting as a teenager. Dealing with fame, gun violence and pop culture, “Vox Lux” has earned mainly positive reactions from critics but also some boos during its press screenings.

“I don’t think any two people will leave the screening with the same feeling. It will leave people debating,” said Portman, who also revealed that financing the project wasn’t easy.

“It almost fell apart financially. They called me when I was at the airport as I was leaving to travel to New York and told me ‘we can’t make the film because we’ve lost the financing,’” said Portman, who said she decided to “stick with the project” no matter what.