Overnight, The: Produced by Adam and Naomi Scott

The Overnight, which world premiered at the 2015 Sundance Film Fest, will play at the Los Angeles Film Fest this week before opening theatrically on June 19.

The movie contains male nudity, displayed by stars Adam Scott and Jason Schwartzman. “Prosthetic penises were used” says Naomi Scott, the film’s producer and Adam’s wife of 10 years.

The Overnight tells the story of a couple (Scott and Taylor Schilling) who relocate with their young son to Seattle. When they meet Kurt (Schwartzman) and his son at a park, they’re excited by the possibility of a new friendship. But a dinner party with Kurt and his wife (Judith Godrèche) becomes increasingly peculiar, resulting in some uncomfortable and hilarious comedy.

The Scotts’ first feature together, The Overnight was made by their company Gettin’ Rad Productions.  They previously collaborated on the Adult Swim series “The Greatest Event in Television History,” which documented Adam’s attempts to recreate the opening credits to such shows as “Simon and Simon” and “Too Close for Comfort.”

Penis Prosthetics

Naomi Scott: I can never stop talking about penises. We talk about boobs all the time, so bring it on. From a producer standpoint, we were a really small production, our hair and makeup person really only had one other person to help with the application process. I was the extra hand, so to speak. But I have to say, I think they were so well-made.

Getting Prosthetic Genitals?

Naomi: I called David Wain because in his film “Wanderlust,” Joe Lo Truglio has a great moment being naked. I remembered that penis; that penis was memorable and looked real. So he looked through his contacts and recommended the company, they’re called WM Creations. They were so easy to work with and gave us a very fair price for a small budget film.

Patrick Brice’s Script 

Naomi: Adam and I were friendly with Mark Duplass, he starred in something we produced for Funny or Die, “The First AD.” I said, “Look, we kind of work in your style; we hire our friends, we hire people we want to work with, we shoot quick we shoot smart.” And his friend Patrick had written this script, and he thought it was a perfect match for everything we’d been looking for.

Which Role to Play?

Adam: when we got the script there was a moment where I kind of vacillated, and don’t remember exactly why this is the one I ended up gravitating towards. I felt like Jason and I were really good casting for those two roles and we had to shoot the movie quickly and didn’t really have time to rehearse or anything like that. So it felt like these were the best roles to put us in. Reading the script, on a gut level I immediately knew that guy and where he was coming from. Kurt it would have been a bit more of a reach to find that. This is all just making me sound very lazy.

Film Focusing on Married Couple with Issues?

Adam: When we got the script I remember being creeped out by the Kurt character; that’s a guy that makes me uncomfortable. And the nudity, the content of it, made me uncomfortable. But it was really good so I was like, “Yeah, let’s do this.” Thinking, like with any script, there’s a 10% chance this is ever going to happen. Unfortunately, I happen to be married to a very organized, smart, tenacious producer, so nine months later we had a start date and I’m like, “Are you serious? I have to do all of this?” Then when I accepted it was happening and dug in, I was so happy we were doing it.

Naomi: I don’t think I thought about it that much in terms of “Oh, this could potentially be a problem.” Part of it was that he was so busy working, it was just go, go, go, go, go and when we got to the point where it was time to shoot we thought, “Oh, this could unpack a lot of things. But it really didn’t.

Adam: We also agreed for the intimate scenes, you wouldn’t be on set. But by the time we actually shot, it wasn’t an issue at all. I didn’t care, Taylor didn’t care, you didn’t care.

Naomi: I end up becoming really good friends with all of his love interests. We have a really good track record.

Production Company Name: Getting Rad

Naomi: Adam’s from Santa Cruz, I believe it’s something he said as a kid. We have no idea what it means. And we have a tiger logo, apropos of absolutely nothing. Again, we like the absurd. It’s fun to hear people say it.

Company Agenda:

Adam: So far it’s just stuff that we want to see. The kind of stuff we like.

Naomi: Aside from this film, a lot of it is ideas generated by us. We sold a show to NBC called “Buds” with Joe Mandy, we’re also doing TV stuff. And a sci-fi show to cable. I wouldn’t say anything is out of the question. We’ve talked about comic books and kids’ shows. It’s what appeals to us in the moment.