Movie Stars: Highest Paid Actors–Public Clout? Commercial Appeal

The Highest Paid Actors May Not Have Most Public Clout

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are the most marketable stars among the highest-paid Hollywood actors of the year, according to Morning Consult survey.

The survey, conducted November 7-11 among over 2,000 adults, asked Americans whether they would watch films and TV shows if major celebrities starred in them.

Key highlights:

Dwayne (“The Rock”) Johnson, Will Smith, Jennifer Aniston and Julia Roberts are among highest-paid actors with biggest public clout:

More Americans said they’d watch films if one of the four starred in them, compared to others on Forbes’ list of the most lucrative actors and actresses based off their 2017 revenue.

Julia Roberts:

Julia Roberts in Amazon series, “Homecoming.”

Julia Roberts is one of the year’s most underpaid actresses compared to her public clout:

Roberts, who recently took her first major network role in this year’s “Homecoming” on Inc.’s Prime Video, earned $13 million, putting her in seventh place among the highest-paid actresses, but in fourth place when it comes to her ability to bring in an audience.

A majority (54 percent) of the public said Roberts starring in a film or TV show would make them more likely to tune in, while 42 percent said her casting wouldn’t make a difference or they’d be less likely to watch.


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