Directors: Debuts–Strong and Brilliant (from A to Z)

Directors who have made a particularly strong feature debut, in alphabetical order:


Anderson, Lindsay, This Sporting Life, 1963, age 40

Annaud, Jean Jacques, Black and White, 1976, age 33

Armstrong, Gillian, My Brilliant Career, 1978, age 28

Ashby, Hal, The Landord, 1970, age 41

Attenborough, Richard, Oh, Lovely War! 1969, age 46


Balaban, Bob, Parents, 1989, age 44

Ballard, Carol, The Black Stallion, 1979, age 42

Jean Jacques Beinex, Diva, 198o, age 32

Bellochio, Marco, Fist in the Pocket, 1965, age 26



Malick, Terrence, Badlands, 1973,



Soderbergh, Steven, sex, lies and videotape, 1989, age 26



Tarantino, Quentin, Reservoir Dogs, 1991, age 28