Hustlers: Buzzy Movies–Serio Comedy, Starring Jennifer Lopez (Women in Film)

Set in 2008, and starring Jennifer Lopez, at the height of the financial crisis, a group of strippers at a New York club take extreme measures to stay in business.

Laundromat: Star Meryl Streep, Director Soderbergh on their Timely and Serious Black Comedy

This is an entertaining, flashy, funny way of telling a very, very dark, black-hearted joke, a joke that’s being played on all of us–Meryl Streep

Seberg: Kristen Stewart on her Biopic, Politics, Celebrity Status

I don’t have social media, but there is an interaction that I acknowledge and at times I covet. There’s this polarized climate we’re living in, and it’s not hard for me to show my politics. It comes up in my work and my day–to-day conversations. I like that interaction, and I’m so lucky to have it–Kristen Stewart.

Marriage Story: Interview with Director Baumbach–Part 1

I came at the story from a personal place as I’m the child of divorce and I’ve been through a divorce as an adult–Baumbach

Irishman, The: Scorsese’s Mob Epic Starring De Niro and Pacino Will Not Get Wide Theatrical Release

Netflix will forgo a wide theatrical release for Scorsese’s The Irishman in order to make the film available to its subscribers as quickly as possible.