Directors: Choice of Subject Matter, Theme, Characters, Genre

Directors: Choice of Subject Matter, Theme, Genre

Directors: Background, Origins (Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Writing. Theater, TV)g

July 18, 2020 Directors: Origins–Where they came from Avenue to Directing Up the Ranks (Studio) Tetzlaff, Ted, 1903 Ulmer, Edgar G., 1900   Actors: Beatty, Warren Clooney, George Costner, Kevin Eastwood, Clint Hanks, Tom Marshall, Penny Nicholson, Jack Penn, Sean Redford, Robert Reiner, Bob Robbins, Tim Streisand, Barbra   Cinematography: Mate, Rudolph More distinguished as […]

Family: Polygamy

Polygamy does notĀ  eradicate jealousy simply because an ideology of non-jealousy was imposed by men from the top. Share this:

Family: Mother-Daughter

July 7, 2020 Family: Mother-Daughter The Graduate Mildred Pierce Stella Dallas Terms of Endearment Thirteen (2003): Holly Hunter and Evan Rachel Wood form the most vividly heartbreaking mother-daughter screen team in recent memory. Share this:

Hitchcock: Themes–Telephone

H notion of the extreme importance of the call, symbolized by telephone: Psycho: Sheriff calls Norman Rear Window: Stewart sendsĀ  Kelly to the killer’s place, then calls the killer, killer then calls on the phone before going to Stewart’s place. Strangers on the Train: Use of phone multiple times throughout the plot Share this: