Disney Plus: Launching November 12

Disney will begin its international roll-out of Disney Plus on the same day, November 12, that the direct-to-consumer service launches in the U.S., with a push into Canada and the Netherlands, followed by Australia and New Zealand.

Thank You for Your Service (2017): Iraq War Drama is Directing Debut of Scribe Jason (American Sniper) Hall

The film, marking the feature directorial debut of American Sniper scribe Jason Hall, is based on the book about combat PTSD by the best-selling author and journalist David Finkel.

Different Loyalty, A (2004): Kanievska’s Espionage Drama, Starring Sharon Stone and Rupert Everett

Marek Kanievska’s fourth (and last) feature, A Different Loyalty, is a thriller inspired by the story of British traitor Kim Philby’s love and marriage to Eleanor Brewer in Beirut and his eventual defection to the Soviet Union.

Less Than Zero (1987): Kanievska’s Youth and Drugs Drama, Starring Robert Downey Jr. and Andrew McCarthy (Gay Cinema)

Marek Kanievska, who made some impression with his feature debut, Another Country, followed up with the youth and drug-driven drama Less Than Zero, loosely based on Bret Easton Ellis’ novel of the same name.

These Thousand Hills (1959): Fleischer’s Western, Starring Don Murray, Richard Egan, Lee Remick

Richard Fleischer directed These Thousand Hills, a lavishly produced Western, starring Don Murray, Richard Egan, Lee Remick, Stuart Whitman and Patricia Owens.