Death in Hollywood: Boyd, Stephen–Movie Star, Dead at 45 (Heart Attack)

Stephen Boyd died of a massive heart attack on 2 June 1977 at the age of 45 while playing golf with his wife, Elizabeth Mills, at the Porter Valley Country Club in Northridge, California.

Movie Stars: Boyd, Stephen–Screen Image

Boyd’s ruggedly masculine good looks. Strong, even craggy features, a wide sympathetic mouth, firm chin, athletic build, wavy dark brown hair, roving 185-lb. frame

Death in Hollywood: Philipe, Gerard–French Movie Star and Icon, Dead at 36

Gérard Philipe (born Gérard Albert Philip, December 4, 1922– November 25, 1959) was a prominent French actor who appeared in 32 films between 1944 and 1959. Active in both theater and cinema, he was, until his early death, one of the main stars of the post-war period. His image has remained youthful and romantic, making […]

Actors: Role’s Thing–Actors Associated with One Movie

Actors: Role’s Thing–Actors Associated with One Movie Davis, Bette, All About Eve Hayworth, Rita, Gilda Holliday, Judy, Born Yesterday Leigh, Janet, Psycho Perkins, Anthony, Psycho Swanson, Gloria, Sunset Boulevard

Track of the Cat (1954): William Wellman’s Psychological Western, Starring Robert Mitchum, Teresa Wright, and Beulah Bondi

From the Archives: William A. Wellman directed Track of the Cat a Warnercolor Western, starring Robert Mitchum with Teresa Wright. Track of the Cat Theatrical release poster Grade: C+ (** out of *****) The film is based on Walter Van Tilburg Clark’s 1949 adventure novel of the same name. This was Wellman’s second adaptation of […]