Film Theory: Sociology of Social Types–Orrin Klapp

Social Types: Fools

Inspiration from Orrin Klapp and poet Kannadasan

Sachi Sri Kantha

Orrin Edgar Klapp (born 1915), a noted American sociologist, published in Sept 1949 issue of the American Journal of Sociology, an analysis of “The Fool as a Social Type.”

Klapp tried to explain the social roles of heroes, villains and fools and their significance to society at large.

In this paper, Klapp defined a fool as “a person, real or imaginary, who is generally ridiculed and who occupies a distinctive status because of this.”

He then categorized fools into ten types, each with a specific demeanor antic fool, comic rogue, rash fool, clumsy fool, deformed fool, simple fool, weak fool, comic butt, pompous fool and mock hero.


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