Popular Culture: Essential Books–Your God is Alive and Well and Appearing in Popular Culture, by John Wiley Nelson  

Your God is Alive and Well and Appearing in Popular Culture (1976)

John Wiley Nelson

Is it possible that American Christians hold to two distinct sets of beliefs and values without knowing the difference?
One is a Christian set, which is openly affirmed every Sunday; the other is an American set, which is more hidden within the forms of our popular entertainment culture.
Through mediums like Westerns, country music, and detective novels, John Nelson explains how we internalize our American values without even knowing it.
This book is largely intended for preachers who, of all people, should realize how American Christians internalize both sets of values without understanding the contradictions.
The purpose of this book is to help preachers and congregations alike recognize the differences in order to account for them in preaching as well as in the church’s life in community.