Paris: Newspapers and Magazines in English

Newspapers and Magazines

International Herald Tribune “International news, analysis, opinion and breaking news. The world’s daily newspaper online.”It combines the extensive resources of its own correspondents with those of The New York Times and is printed at 33 sites throughout the world (including Dhaka), for sale in more than 180 countries. Based in Paris since 1887, the IHT is part of The New York Times Co.

French News “For residents and lovers of France” French News, originally called The News, was founded in 1987, in response to a growing anglophone population, settled or living part of the year in France. The newspaper is available throughout France in main newsagents stocking the foreign press.

Irish Eyes Irish Eyes is a Paris-based cultural magazine covering topics of interest to the European anglophone community. Published each month, the magazine gives prominence to issues of Irish interest but aims to appeal to the widest possible audience. It carries articles in English and French on topics such as art, music and books as well as interviews, news and reviews.

Paris Voice Paris Voice, “The Magazine for English-speaking Parisians”, is an English language magazine in Paris covering local events and entertainment. The Paris Voice publishes eight print editions a year.

France Magazine is an English language magazine covering French art, culture, food, society, politics, travel etc.

FUSAC FUSAC (France USA Contacts) is a free magazine containing classified ads and advertisements for the English-speaking community of Paris and the surrounding area. It’s well-known for ads offering employment and housing.


Metropole Paris ‘Metropole Paris’ is a weekly online magazine about Paris. Each issue of Metropole Paris contains fresh news and feature articles about today’s Paris. ‘FlashNews’ items may be added as an update at any time, especially if they concern local transport conditions.

Paris Kiosque ‘Paris Kiosque‘ is the online magazine of Les Pages de Paris / The Paris Pages. The French version is more extensive than the English one, and it covers news items as well as cultural information.

Time Out: Paris Time Out: Paris Magazine covers local events and entertainment as with the original London edition. you can download a 12MB PDF containing a short version of their Paris Guide summer information, interspersed with a lot of ads.


Online Radio:

Radio France Internationale

Every day on RFI’s English programs: 10 minutes of news, 2 minutes of sports news, 12 minutes of in-depth reporting and interviews, four minutes of French press review and 20 minutes of features. You can use Windows Media Player or Real Player.

  • International news round-ups, French news, sports, analyses, reports from RFI correspondents, French press reviews and features.
  • International news tops the 1200 GMT program, Asian news leads the 1400 GMT program and African news tops the 1600 GMT program.
  • Here is a selection of their 28 weekly features:
    • Monday: RFI Europe and Arts in France
    • Tuesday: Books and Drumbeat (African culture)
    • Wednesday: Power and Policy (Geo-politics) sand France Today
    • Thursday: Bottom Line (Economics) and Reach-Out (Humanitarian activities)
    • Friday: Film Reel and Weekend (Daily life in Europe)
    • Saturday: Asia File and French Lesson
    • Sunday: Every Woman, Club 9516 (Listeners’ letters)


You can receive today 290 English and US TV channels in Paris (and all over Europe) via Sky Digital. All you need is a small satellite dish of 45 cm only (for the Paris area)  and a dedicated digital satellite receiver-decoder widely  known as Digibox. Consequently, you’ll find many places with this available – at least with the free channels.