Oscar Book: Road to Gold

The Road to Gold: America’s Obsession with  the Oscar Awards

Emanuel Levy, Ph.D.

Professor of Film and Sociology

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Who Cares about the Oscars?

Why we keep talking and watching the Oscars

Chapter 2: History of the Oscars (categories, membership)

The Oscar Award was established in 1929; this is its 91st year

Chapter 3: Oscar and Movie Genres

Which movie genres tend to be nominated and win?

Chapter 4: Oscar and Literary Source

Chapter 5: Oscar and Film Directors

Chapter 6: Oscar, Actors, Stars, and Celebs

Chapter 7: Oscar and the Guilds (PGA, DGA, SAG)

Chapter 8: Oscar and Films Critics

Chapter 9: Oscar and the Box-Office

commercial appeal of Oscar nominated and Oscar winning films

Chapter 10: Oscar Impact