1 Levy: Library of Books–Bios, Memoirs, Albums of Actors and Directors

March 21, 2020

Bios and Albums

Gill, Brendan. Tallullah (Album), 1972. (about 10)



Books about Animation (Making of)

Disney Pixar, The Art of Monsters, 2001 (at least $45)


Books about Movies

Godfather, Cowie

Greatest Showman, The (The Art and Making of)

Irishman, The, Tom Shone, 2019 ($80)

Sex and the City (2 books)

World of Downtown Abbey, 2011 ($3)


Books about Directors

Scorsese, Tom Shone, 2019 ($50)


Films of

Bankhead, Tallulah

Bardot, Brigitte

Bergman, Ingrid

Bogart, Humphrey

Crawford, Joan

Davies, Bette

Garfield, John

Holden, William

Quinn, Anthony

Stanwyck, Barbara

Taylor, Robert

Wayne, John


Genre (Big Books)


Psycho (Villains)

Romantic films


Scripsts (Shooting, Signed, Regular)

Magnolia (P. T. Anderson, signed)

Payne, Alexander