Global Auteurs: Pedro Almodóvar, Lars von Trier, and Michael Winterbottom.

Global Auteurs employs auteur theory to examine the work of three contemporary and innovative directors: Pedro Almodóvar, Lars von Trier, and Michael Winterbottom.
With extensive background information on the global film industry, and on auteur theory and its implications for ideological critique, this book’s insightful case studies examine both ideologies the filmmakers re-circulate and ideologies that they confront in textual form.
The discussion of Pedro Almodóvar devotes particular attention to mass mediation, the family, and gender in the corpus of his films.
Lars von Trier’s corpus is interpreted as driven by a motif that characterizes all of his films: the «failed idealist».
Michael Winterbottom’s body of work presents a genre-diverse, post-MTV style concerned with «outsiders» and taboo, representation and truth, and human rights.
Global Auteurs’ sophisticated approach to decoding film is suitable for graduate and undergraduate courses on film, global mass media, and contemporary Europe.