A Promised Land: By Barack Obama

 A Promised Land, By Barack Obama

A Promised Land isn’t the 44th president’s first attempt at a memoir. It’s his third.

His first, Dreams of My Father, explored his life as a son of a Black Kenyan father and white American mother and the intersection of identity and race.

His second, The Audacity of Hope, addresses discord in politics in an intimate and conversational tone filled with the optimism of what could be.

And now, A Promised Land, a political memoir filled with introspection and experience that guides us through his journey to the White House, where he served as the first African-American president over two memorable terms. He pulls back the curtain on wins and losses, such as how he maneuvered through a financial crisis, the authorization of Operation Neptune’s Spear, and the monumental passing of the Affordable Care Act.

Obama is widely acknowledged as one of the great orators in American history, so it makes sense his skills as an author are also impressive. Go inside the Obama White House years in this insightful memoir that takes you inside historical moments.

A Promised Land, Memoirs By Black AuthorsCourtesy of Amazon