1 Levy: Movie Clubs Titles (Cineliteracy)

August 16, 2022

Movie Clubs: Titles

Movies For All (MFA)

Film For Life (FFL)

Film Matters (FM)

Movies Matter (MM)

Movie Lovers Unite (MLU)

Film Lovers Unite (FLU)

Cinema Lovers Unite (CLU)

Movie Happy Hour (MHH)

Get Pic:

Movies Matter (Get Lit)

Cinematic Red

Cineliteracy Club

The goal of our association is to become or get “literate,” knowledgeable and more fluent in film literacy, media literacy, and digital literacy in one’s use of technology to navigate 21st Century information complexity.
Common “pic” skills include basic knowledge (facts) of film history, American and international, film industry, and its various institutions and players.
Acquiring basic facts and skills should help viewers to evaluate the various media contents that are created for our consumption, the ability to discern and to define the complexity of the film medium, and of a particular feature, by defining and analyzing its artistic, historical, cultural, and political dimensions.

Cinema Without Walls (CWW)

Cinema Without Borders (CWB)

Borderless Cinema (BC)

Borderless Criticism

Movies Without Borders (MWB)Lust For

Critics With No Walls

Happy Hour Movie

Lust For Cinema (LFC)

Lust For Film (LFF)

Movies For All (MFA)

Movies For Life (MFL)

Movies Matter (MM)

My Own Private Hollywood

My Own Private Movie Stars

Passion for Film (PFF)

Passion for Movies (PFM)

Passion for Cinema (PFC)