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May 10, 2023

Screen Elite: Hollywood Directors, 1927-2027

Seeing Is Being

If We Can See It, We Can Be It

What I Really Want to Do is to Direct

So You Wanna Be an Actor (Oscar winners and nominees), 1929-present

Chutzpa: My Journey from Hasan Bek to Hollywood Hills

Chutzpa: Reflection on the American Dream

Chutzpa: My version of the American Dream

Call It Chuzpa: Ambition, Calling, Desting, Fate

Fate, Luck, or Chutzpa

To Dream the (Im)Possible Dream: My (Sur)Real Journey from Tel Aviv’ Poorest Region to the Hollywood Hills

My Personal Journey from Hassan Beck to Hollywood Hills

Cineliteracy: What You Need to Know, 1927 to present

Cinema of the Body (French Extreme Cinema)

Cinematic Closures:

Glamorous Profession, The: Hollywood Actors/American Actors

Happy Endings:

Hitchcock: A Friend’s Best Friend is His Mother: Hitchcock’s Obsession with Mothers

Hitchcock: Partying, Wining and Dining

Hitchcock: Ultimate Hitchcock Companion/Guide (A to Z)

Hitchcock: How to Experience Movies/Enjoy Movies

Hitchcock: The Essentials (What You Need to Know)

Hollywood Elite: Oscar Directors

Screen Elite: Oscar Directors

Movie Endings

Oscars: Rise, Dominance, and Fall of World’s Most Coveted Prize (decade approach)

Manhood: How to Be a Better Man–or Just Live with One by Terry Crews

May I Borrow Your Neck? Hitchcock

May I Borrow Your Husband?

Queer Cinema: The Essentials

Queers Who Changed America?

Queers Who Changed Hollywood?

(See Carrey Rickey: Feminists Who Changed America)

Race and Sexuality in New American Cinema

Sexism in New American Cinema

Suffering with Style: Film Noir

Women in Hollywood: Worst Years of Their Lives

What Every Gay Man Needs/Wants to Know





Suffering with Style: Film Noir

Men and women are equally guilty, equally manipulative, and equally stylish