1 Gay Film Dictionary: What Every Gay Man Should (and Want to) Know

Research in Progress (March 3, 2022)

Gay Film Dictionary: What Every Gay Man Should (and Want to) Know:


Gay Films

Essential queer films (focus on gay, with some other LGBTQ films)

Narrative and documentary features

Cross-cultural perspective: Gay-themed movies from around the world


Gay Readings of Mainstream Films

All About Eve

Auntie Mame


Mommie Dearest


Gay Directors

Closeted Gay Directors in the Studio Era

Vincente Minnelli

Openly Gay Directors, then and now

George Cukor

Mitchell Leisen

Tony Richardson

James Whale


Indie Gay Directors

My book

John Waters

Straight directors who made gay-themed movies


Hitchcock (Rope, Strangers on a Train)


Gay Actors

Closeted Gay Actors

Alan Bates

Raymond Burr

Farley Granger

Rock Hudson

Van Johnson

Anthony Perkins

Vincent Price

Edward Everett Lewis

Openly Gay Actors

Dirk Bogarde

Ian McKellen

Sal Mineo

Gay Icons (Female)

Joan Crawford

Bette Davis

Bette Midler

Meryl Streep

Mae West

Gay Historical Events

Stonewall, June 1969

Gay Rights Movement

Same sex marriage, June

Gay Film Festivals



Cannes Film Fest: Queer Palm

Berlin Film Fest: Teddy Bear


Films (from A to Z)

Films by country

Films by director

Films by genre, theme and topic


Romantic Comedies


AIDS Movies