Western Genre: Homoeroticism

Various scholars, such as Dennis Bingham, have commented on the homoeroticism that is often sub-textual and sometimes textual in this popular genre.

Oscar Speeches: Shapiro, Stanley–Pillow Talk

I am trapped downstairs in the gentleman’s lounge. It seems I rented a faulty tuxedo. I’d like to thank you upstairs for this great honor.

Writers Guild Awards 2018: Get Out (Original), Call Me By Your Name (Adapted)

You may have hated that photo, and that’s OK, but if one of your 12-year-old kids puts it on Twitter, they shouldn’t have to be under a two-month federal investigation, be on the no-fly list, be on the Interpol list–Kathy Griffin

Fifty Shades Freed: Third and Last Chapter Dominates Global Box-Office

Fifty Shades Freed dominated the box-office, grossing $136.9 million worldwide, It propelled the Valentine’s Day franchise past the $1 billion mark in global box-office ticket sales. In North America, Fifty Shades Freed easily dominated the weekend, coming in No. 1 with $38.8 million, the top opening of the year to date. There were no signs […]

Hollywood 2017: Best Pictures Not Released Theatrically

List of Best Pictures not released theatrically in 2017