El Angel: Ortega’s Film Huge Success in Argentina

The film’s 453,000 admissions is still the fifth best ever for a domestic release in Argentina.

Story of Temple Drake, The (1933): Pre-Code Version of Faulkner’s Novel, Starring Miriam Hopkins in One of her Best Roles

Adapted from William Faulkner’s controversial novel, Sanctuary, The Story of Temple Drake stars Miriam Hopkins in the titular (and one of her best) roles as a wild Southern femme who falls into a gang led by the brutal Trigger(Jack La Rue). Though watered down, the movie was still so scandalous, it was one of the reasons for […]

Beetlejuice: Alex Brightman to Play the Role Played by Michael Keaton on Broadway

Alex Brightman will assume on Broadway the title role that Michael Keaton played in the movie Beetlejuice.

Old Maid, The: Goulding Melodrama, Starring Bette Davis and Miriam Hopkins

Directed by Edmund Goulding, The Old Maid is one of Bette Davis’ best-known melodramas, in which she stars with Miriam Hopkins, her rival on screen and off. Casey Robinson’s script is based on Zoe Akins’ 1935 Pulitzer-Prize winning play, which was adapted from the 1924 Edith Wharton novella, The Old Maid: the Fifties. Set during […]

Virginia City (1940): Michael Curtiz Western, Starring Errol Flynn and Miriam Hopkins

Directed by Michael Curtiz, Virginia City is a black-and white-Western, featuring Errol Flynn and Miriam Hopkins, who get star billing above the title. Below the title two major actors are mentioned: Randolph Scott and Humphrey Bogart (before he became a star, a year later with “The Maltese Falcon”), sporting a mustache while playing the real-life […]