Casino (1995): Scorsese’s Crime Saga Starring Robert De Niro, Sharone Stone in her Only Oscar Role, and James Wood

As accomplished as it was, Coppola's “The Godfather, Part III” didn't break new grounds thematically or artistically. Neither did “Casino” in 1995, a crime picture that reunites director Martin Scorsese with Robert De Niro, his favorite, quintessential actor, and co-screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi.

Raging Bull (1980): Scorsese and De Niro in Top Form

In Raging Bull, Scorsese equates sexuality with brute force and erratic violence; it's a vicious circle. Freud has called it the "Madonna-whore complex." Prizefighter Jake LaMotta suffers such low self-esteem and insecure masculinity that he cannot respect a woman who would sleep with him, and is convinced that given the choice she would rather sleep with another man.