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2000-2009: Runners-Up of the Decade

Too many good films to choose from.  Here is my list of ten runners-up, arranged in alphabetical order.  It represents half a dozen national cinemas, including Romania, a country that continues to produce some of the best films around. 

1. Adaptation (2003), Spike Jonze

2. City of God (2002), Brazil, Fernando Mereilles







Avatar (2009): Cameron’s Extraordinary Visual Acievement

Cameron’s “Avatar” is an extraordinary visual achievement somewhat hampered by pedestrian storytelling and cardboard characterizations, displaying the same strengths and weaknesses as the commercial juggernaut "Titanic."

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What you need to know about Avatar


Precious: Daniels Adapts the Novel for the Screen

"Precious," directed by Lee Daniels and starring Gabby Sidibe, is the feature film adaptation of the novel "Push," written by Sapphire. It will be released on November 6 by Lionsgate.

"Precious" is filmmaker Lee Daniels’ second directorial effort, but it is a film he has wanted to make since he first read Sapphire’s novel, which was published in June, 1996.

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Meet Me in St. Louis: Scary Halloween

A top Metro executive, instructed by Louis B. Mayer, wanted to excise the Halloween sequence, claiming that, "it's the only scene that doesn't have anything to do with the plot." Minnelli was flabbergasted. That Halloween scene was the reason he wanted to do the picture in the first place. He had worked very hard on that scene, which came off beautifully. 











Oscar 2009: Precious for Best Picture, Directing, Acting Awards

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By now, "Precious" has played and won jury members and audiences hearts at Sundance Film Fest (in January), at the Cannes Film Fest (in May), and most recently, at the Toronto Film Fest, where it won the Audience Award, which speaks well of its potential commercial appeal.