Your Are God (2012): Polish Film about Hip Hop Band

You are God (Jesteś Bogiem), a Polish drama about a legendary hip hop band, has the best opening weekend for a Polish film in 2012, with 373,796 admissions.

Directed by Leszek Dawid, You Are God was one of the most eagerly awaited Polish dramas of the year after it received positive reviews after the film’s premiere at the 2012 Gdynia Film Festival.

At Gdynia the production won prizes for Best Debut and Second Film Director, Best Professional Acting Debut and Best Actors in a Supporting Role.

The film opened in Polish cinemas on 21 September, achieving the third best admissions figures for a Polish production in the last 20 years. The record is held by Andrzej Wajda’s Pan Tadeusz with 424,895 opening weekend admissions viewers, followed by the musical comedy Love and Dance (Kochaj i Tańcz), directed by Bruce Parramore, with 393,803 admissions. You are God follows the success of another Polish film, Yuma, with 231,400 admissions in the first four weeks of its release. The film was produced by Studio Filmowe KADR in co-production with Silesia Film, The Chimney Pot, and Kino Świat

The 4.6 m PLN (1.1 m EUR) film received 2.5 m PLN in financing from the Polish Film Institute