Young Widow (1946): Edwin Martin’s Drama, Starring Jane Russell and Louis Hayward

Edwin L. Marin directed Young Widow, a middling melodrama, starring Jane Russell and Louis Hayward.

Russell plays Joan Kenwood, a young journalist who cannot get over her husband’s death in World War II.

With The Outlaw, the star vehicle Howard Hughes had been planning for years for Jane Russell still being withheld from general release, Young Widow became  de facto Russell’s official debut.

The film began production under the helm of William Dieterle, who was then replaced by Andre de Toth, who himself left due to a case of strep throat, to be replaced by Edwin L. Marin.

The film went over budget by $600,000 and was a box office failure.

Jane Russell as Joan Kenwood
Louis Hayward as Lt. Jim Cameron
Faith Domergue as Gerry Taylor
Marie Wilson as ‘Mac’ McCallister
Kent Taylor as Peter Waring
Penny Singleton as Peg Martin
Connie Gilchrist as Aunt Cissie
Cora Witherspoon as Aunt Emeline
Norman Lloyd as Sammy Jackson
Steve Brodie as Willie Murphy