Young Sherlock Holmes (1985): Barry Levinson Directs Columbus Script

Written by Chris Columbus and executive produced by Spielberg, “Young Sherlock Holmes” is directed by Barry Levinson in an impersonal style.

Boasting some charm but lacking dramatic energy, tale centers on the youthful lives of Holmes (Nicholas Rowe) a Watson (Alan Cox), as they team up to resolve their first case, one involving a mysterious oriental cult.
The idea is bright and original but the execution is dull.
Even so, there are good things about it, such as glossy cinematography by Stephen Goldblatt and production values, with design from Norman Reynolds.
Oscar Nominations: 1
Visual Effects: Dennis Muren, Kit West, John Ellis, and David Allen
Oscar Awards: None
Oscar Context:
The winner of the Special Effects Oscar went to the comedy “Cocoon.”