You Don’t Nomi: Chronicle of the 1995 Scandalous Showgirls–Failure and then Resurrection

The tagline for media-grabbing Showgirls back in 1995 was “leave your inhibitions at the door.”

Unfortunately for the potentially scandalous NC-17 erotic melodrama, directed by Paul Verhoeven, few viewers saw it, and the movie was a notorious flop.

You Don’t Nomi, Jeffrey McHale’s docu chronicles the life of “Showgirls,” the pre-release anticipation, the bomb that it became, and also the second life that it got after the theatrical release in ancillary markets, at the time home entertainment.

The non-fictional docu argues that the movie may not be great artistically, but it’s still enjoyable as camp classic. Others, who take it more seriously, claim that the movie, despite its glossy veneer, deals with issues of sex and gender in a progressive way, considering that it was made quarter of a century ago.

“American Woman”
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Decades after she renounced her privileged upbringing and joined the the Symbionese Liberation Army, Patty Hearst remains a controversial figure. Was she a brainwashed victim or a terrorist? Debate still rages. “American Woman” centers on a former radical Jenny Shimada (Hong Chau) who takes care of Hearst and her captors. It’s written and directed by Semi Chellas, a key contributor to “Mad Men” and “The Romanoffs.”
“After Parkland”
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A raw and devastating look at the families and friends of the survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting as they struggle to make sense of the tragedy that left 17 people dead. The murders in Parkland galvanize members of the community to agitate for changes to gun laws as a way to memorialize the victims of the brutal attack. This documentary from directors Emily Taguchi and Jake Lefferman is about tragedy and heroism. It’s a film that couldn’t be more urgent.

“Blow the Man Down”
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