Worst Person in the World, The: Joachim Trier’s Award-Winning Deama, Norway’s Entry for Best International Feature Oscar (Cannes Fest)

Norway has selected offbeat romantic comedy The Worst Person in the World as its contender for best international feature film at the upcoming Oscar Awards.

Directed by Joachim Trier, the film premiered in competition at Cannes and was one of the most talked about titles at the festival. Lead actor Renate Reinsve was a popular winner of the festival’s best actress award.

“The journey the film has made from the main competition in Cannes, with the actress award, festival participation and sales all over the world meaning that this year we believe the committee has a unique opportunity to reach all the way to an Oscar for best international film,” said Kjersti Mo, who headed the selection committee at the Norwegian Film Institute.

Its commercial career kicked off in France in mid-October and was followed by its debut in Norway.