World and Time Enough: Eric Mueller’s Bittersweet Comedy (LGBTQ, Gay)

A clever, bittersweet romantic comedy, Eric Mueller’s World and Time Enough tracks the deceptively modest aspirations of a twentysomething couple as they grapple with love and morality.

Heartfelt and lively, the movie offers a witty glimpse into a side of gay life rarely seen–young, Midwestern, more grunge than chic men.

Mark’s a radical artist-activist, Joey’s a garbage collector. Together they sift through family obligations, HIV status, temp jobs, and the unavoidable, inexplicable fact that in spite of everything they’re a happy couple.

Gay Directors, Gay Films? By Emanuel Levy (Columbia University Press, August 2015).

Narrated, Mueller’s feature debut follows the obsessive Mark, who’s HIV positive, as he progresses from neo-Christo sculpture-making to full-scale cathedral construction. More low-key, Mark’s cute boyfriend Joey hesitantly embarks on a quest to find his biological parents after an ugly coming out scene with his adoptive parents. The challenges they face are real, even against the gray Minneapolis sky–you sense they’re gonna make it after all.

An Audience favorite, the picture won the 1994 San Francisco  lesbian and gay film festival.