Wolf Song (1929): Victor Fleming’s Western, Starring Gary Cooper and Lupe Vélez

Victor Fleming directed Wolf Song, a silent Western romance, starring Gary Cooper and Lupe Vélez.

Wolf Song
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Theatrical release poster

Based on a story by Harvey Fergusson, the film is about a man who heads out west in 1840 looking for adventure.

The film contains synchronized score and sound effects, and some synchronized singing sequences.

This Pre-Code film is also notable for showing Gary Cooper almost entirely nude as he shaves and washes in a river.

The young and handsome Gary Cooper plays Sam Lash, a fur trapper and a ladies man. But when Sam meets tempestuous Mexican damsel Lola Salazar (Velez), he falls deeply in love for the first time in his life.

Lola’s aristocratic father Don Solomon (Michael Vavitch) disapproves of the romance, forcing Sam to kidnap the girl. After a brief period of marital contentment, Sam gets restless and leaves Lola, favoring the company of his trapper pals Gullion (Louis Wolheim) and Rube (Constantin Romanoff).

However, later on, he relents and returns to his bride.

Lupe Velez and Gary Cooper



Gary Cooper as Sam Lash
Lupe Vélez as Lola Salazar
Louis Wolheim as Gullion
Constantine Romanoff as Rube Thatcher
Michael Vavitch as Don Solomon Salazar
Ann Brody as Duenna
Russ Columbo as Ambrosio Guiterrez
Augustina López as Louisa
George Regas as Black Wolf
Leone Lane as Dance hall girl