Within the Law (1939): Machaty’s Crime Melodrama, Starring Ruth Hussye

Gustav Machatý directed this crime melodrama, written by Charles Lederer and Edith Fitzgerald, based on Bayard Veiller’s play “Within the Law.” 

Ruth Hussey is better known as a character actress; she was nominated for the Best Supporting Actress for The Philadelphia Story in 1940.

But in this film, she plays the lead, supported by Tom Neal, Paul Kelly, William Gargan, Paul Cavanagh and Rita Johnson.

he premise of this modest, rather short feature (65 minutes) is rather simple: A wrongly convicted woman, Mary (Hussey) studies law in order to seeks  revenge.



Release date: March 17, 1939.

Running time: 65 Minutes.

Ruth Hussey as Mary Turner
Tom Neal as Richard Gilder
Paul Kelly as Joe Garson
William Gargan as Cassidy
Paul Cavanagh as English Eddie
Rita Johnson as Agnes
Samuel S. Hinds as Mr. Gilder
Lynne Carver as June
Sidney Blackmer as George Demarest
Jo Ann Sayers as Helen Morris