While You Were Sleeping (1995)

Known as the romantic comedy that catapulted the ever-likeable Sandra Bullock into major stardom, “While You Were Sleeping” is a warm and enjoyable film, benefiting from the strong and appealing cast.

In the same year, Sandra Bullock had the great fortune of appearing with Keanu Reeves in the action blockbuster, “Speed,” whose real star was a bus.
Bullock plays Lucy Moderatz, a Chicago subway token clerk who’s smitten with Peter (Gallagher), a handsome lawyer who’s a regular passenger. One day, when he is mugged and brutally wounded, Lucy pulls courage and jumps onto the tracks. Miraculously, she saves his life by pushing his body out of the way of a speeding train.
His family is eternally grateful to Lucy, who’s then mistaken to be Peter’s fiancée by one of the nurses. True to form, this familiar premise is followed by a series of confusions and mistaken identities. Soon, Lucy gets involved in the lives of Peter’s family, all eccentric members (especially grandma, played by vet British actress Glynis Johns). 
She also shows a growing romantic interest in his handsome and amiable brother, Jack (Bill Pullman, in an extremely likeable performance).
No need to tell the rest of the contrived plot, which gets increasingly cozy and sentimental, but always remains engaging and satisfying
Lucy Moderatz (Sandra Bullock)
Jack (Bill Pullman)
Peter (Peter Gallagher)
Ox (Peter Boyle)
Saul (Jack Warden)
Elsie (Glynis Johns)
Joe Jr. (Michael Rispoli)
Jerry (Jason Bernard)
Midge (Micole Mercurio)
Ashley Bacon (Ally Walker)
Produced by Joe Roth, Roger Birnbaum
Directed by Jon Turteltaub
Screenplay; Daniel G. Sullivan, Fredric Lebow
Camera: Phedon Papamichael
Editing: Bruce Green
Music: Randy Edelman
Production design; Garreth Stover
Art director; Chris Cornwell
F/X: Guy Clayton Jr.
Costumes: Betsy Cox
 Running time: 100 Minutes