When the Boys Meet the Girls (1965): Musical Remake pf Girl Crazy, Connie Francis (Where the Boys Are) and Harve Presnell

A remake of MGM’s 1943 Girl Crazy, When the Boys Meet the Girls is a musical film directed by Alvin Ganzer, starring Connie Francis and Harve Presnell.

A playboy (Harve Presnell) helps a young woman (Connie Francis) turn her father’s Nevada ranch into a haven for divorcees.

The remake was produced by Sam Katzman, who made it as the first of five films he did for the studio in 1965.

The title was changed to I’ve Got Rhythm, and then to When the Boys Meet the Girls.

Presnell played the same role as Mickey Rooney in the original. Presnell said “When we did Molly Brown on Broadway, we had a standing joke whenever I didn’t do something right. I said ‘Well why don’t you get Mickey Rooney?’.”

MGM were so pleased with Herman’s Hermits performance that they put them in a series of films.

Connie Francis – Ginger Gray
Harve Presnell – Danny Churchill
Peter Noone – Himself (as Herman’s Hermits)
Karl Green – Himself (as Herman’s Hermits)
Derek Leckenby – Himself (as Herman’s Hermits)
Keith Hopwood – Himself (as Herman’s Hermits)
Barry Whitwam – Himself (as Herman’s Hermits)
Louis Armstrong – Himself
Buddy Catlett – Himself
Domingo Samudio – Sam the Sham (as Sam the Sham)
Dave Martin – Pharaoh (as The Pharaohs)
Ray Stinnet – Pharaoh (as The Pharaohs)
Jerry Patterson – Pharaoh (as The Pharaohs)
Butch Gibson – Pharaoh (as The Pharaohs)
Liberace – Himself
Sue Ane Langdon – Tess Rawley
Fred Clark – Bill Denning
Frank Faylen – Phin Gray
Joby Baker – Sam
Hortense Petra – Kate
Stanley Adams – Lank
Romo Vincent – Pete
Susan Holloway – Delilah
Russell Collins – Mr. Stokes (as Russ Collins)
Pepper Davis – Himself
Bill Quinn – Dean of Colby (as William I. Quinn)
Tony Reese – Himself