We Want the Airwaves: Chronicle e Inspiring Journey of First-Time TV Creators

Monkey Wrench Agency’s documentary We Want the Airwaves is now available on DigitalHD, Cable & Satellite VOD, Blu-ray and DVD from Gravitas Ventures.

The film chronicles the inspiring journey of first-time TV creators as they set out on a daring adventure in 2005: filming a focused documentary TV series. and selling to a network a show that could be called Manifesto!.
The trio includes creators Scott Ryan and Charmel Green and co-producer Cory B. Clay.
The interview subjects include ordinary people as well as notable activists, such as Ruthie Bolton, Jack Rose, Chris DeRose, Amin Joseph, Scott Harrison, Julia Butterfly Hill, and Erin Brockovich.
We Want the Airwaves - Teaser Trailer
The result is a colorful, thought provoking look into a new milieu, the world of the advocate.
Assembled from hours of behind the scenes footage and interviews with TV & Cultural insiders and outsiders, We Want the Airwaves follows the making of the grassroots TV docuseries Manifesto!  while exposing the harsh realities of the unscripted television world.
In We Want the Airwaves, the  trio faced many challenges. Aside from the interpersonal conflicts that develop, how does one sell a series which challenges the status quo? A series that advocates for viewers to get active in their communities was a novel concept.
Despite the odds, the filmmakers continue their journey, committed to their plan. They are fueled by adulation receive from peers and TV executives.
What first began as critique of non-fiction television via interviews with experts, academics, philosophers and industry mavens evolved into a character-driven story focused on a team who would not take ‘no’ for answer.
They were ahead of their time–before Oprah Winfrey’s OWN, when Al Gore’s Current TV network was the only game in town.
We Want the Airwaves is a Hollywood story that gives glimpse into behind the scenes world that audiences rarely see.