Water: Russian Docu

Russian filmmaker Saida Medvedevas new documentary, “Water,” which reveals breathtaking discoveries by researchers worldwide, opens on Friday, April 18 at the Sunset Laemmle Theater in Los Angeles, announced Intention Medias Co-Presidents Betsy Chasse and Melissa Henderson.

This new film gives viewers in-depth look into his insight as it delves deep into this little known substance which happens to be the most abundant material on the face of the earth. In fact, there is more water on the face of the earth than anything else ( of the earths surface is covered with water).

Water is the driving force of all nature, according to Leonardo da Vinci. And To date, water is the most amazing yet least studied substance. And, in the last few years, a revolution has taken place in the science understanding of the structure of water and how easily it can be changed. This and much more fascinating and detailed information is explained in this film by researchers worldwide from Russia, Kazakhstan, Switzerland, Israel, the US, Britain, Austria, Japan, Argentina, China and Tibet including Dr. Masaru Emoto of “What the Bleep Do We Know!, in a vast array of topics including biology, religion, science, parenting, conservation efforts, behavior and politics to name a few.

“Water” explores how human intentions not only change the structure of water, but how our thoughts can alter our environment. The arguments expound upon unexpected and challenging assumptions enlightening many years of research to open humankind to new horizons, such as the applications of structured water in agriculture, or the use of water in treatment for the most serious diseases and more.

The geography of the film spans the globe. The implications go beyond the solar system, suggesting that water has the ability to convey messages faster than light, perhaps linking water with the absolute. Water is so unique, and so profound, its miraculous properties are still awaiting to be discovered.

Winning four awards in Europe in 2006 including Best Documentary Film, Best Camera Work, Best Producer and Best Popular Science Film, “Water” is distributed by Intention Media, a new company led by filmmaker Betsy Chasse (co-creator of the hit film What the Bleep Do We Know!), and Marketing Expert, Melissa Henderson. Both Chasse & Henderson developed Intention Media following the incredibly successful grassroots marketing, sales and distribution campaign they created for “The Bleep.”

Intention Media films and DVDs deliver inspiration through stories of personal courage and spiritual endeavor, powerful examples of social activism and change, the examination of environmental issues, as well as breakthroughs in scientific understanding of our physical and metaphysical universe. Through these types of messages, Intention Media focuses on giving people the opportunity to realize they have the capacity to uplift both themselves and the world around them.