Wall-E: Wall-to-Wall Box-Office

June 28, 2008–Wall-E earned about $23.1 million at the box-office Friday, giving Disney-Pixar its best opening day ever.

Universals actioner Wanted based on the comic strip by Mark Millar, also did well with $18.8 million in second at 3,175 theaters, giving Angelina Jolie her highest opening day ever for a live-action picture. Jolies previous top live-action opening day belonged to 2001s Lara Croft: Tomb Raider which made $18 million.

The tale about a lonely robot who romantically pursues another robot from outer space, Wall-E also took the record for the top G-rated opening day, besting Finding Nemos $20.2 million in 2003. Playing at 3,992 theaters, Wall-E is Pixars ninth animated release.

Pixars previous opening day high belonged to 2005s The Incredibles which grossed $20.5 million on its first Friday and $70.5 million over three days.

Among the top debut days of all-time for animated fare, Wall-E ranks third behind last summers Shrek the Third ($38.4 million) and The Simpsons Movie ($30.8 million).

Warner's and Village Roadshows Get Smart placed third, taking in $6.6 million at 3,915 venues, a 50% decline from a week ago, for an eight day cumulative of $63.9 million.

In fourth, the Paramount-DreamWorks animation release Kung Fu Panda kicked up $3.5 million on 3,670, down 45%, raising its domestic total in its fourth Friday to $171.1 million.

In its third Friday, Universal and Marvels The Incredible Hulk took fifth with $2.8 million from 3,349, down 58%, for a running cume of $309.1 million.