Walk in the Sun, A (1946): Focused View of WWII Battle

Screenwriter Robert Rossen’s and director Lewis Milestone’s film deals intimately and in depth with the men involved, their thoughts and their feelings.  It was a compelling and honest account of humans caught in an inhuman situation.

Narrowly scoped, A Walk in the Sun focuses on one battle in WWII: the attempt to overcome a Nazi stronghold a few miles inland of an Italian beachhead.

New York release date: January 11, 1946


Dana Andrews

Richard Conte

Sterling Holloway

George Tyne

John Ireland

Herbert Rudley

Richard Benedict

Norman Lloyd

Lloyd Bridges

Hunta Hall

James Cardwell

Chris Drake

George Offerman, Jr.

Danny Desmond

Victor Cutler

Steve Brodie

Al Hammer

Matt Willis

Anthony Dante

Robert Lowell




20th Century-Fox.

Produced by Lewis Milestone.

Directed by Lewis Milestone.

Screenplay by Robert Rossen.

Based on the novel by Harry Bro