Venus Fixer: Scwentke’s Holocaust Drama

German helmer Robert Schwentke will direct the thriller “Venus Fixer” for New Line and Mandalay Pictures.

Based on a true story, the film centers on a Holocaust survivor recruited by the American military to track a serial killer on the rampage in postwar Berlin. He must partner with a German cop who had been his friend and colleague before the Nazi regime came to power. Author J.C.

Pollack, who is best known for writing espionage thrillers under the pseudonym James Elliott, penned the screenplay.

Mandalay prexy Cathy Schulman is producing “Venus Fixerm” and Scarlet Lacey is also serving as producer.

Mandalay projects in development include Universal “The Birds,” with director Martin Campbell, and the adaptation of Liquid Comics’ graphic novel “Ramayana.”

Schwentke, whose credits include Jodie Foster’s thriller “Flight Plan,” most recently helmed the Rachel McAdams-Eric Bana vehicle, “The Time Traveler’s Wife” for New Line.

Pollack’s novels include “End Game,” “Nowhere to Hide” and “Cold Cold Heart,” all of which he wrote under the Elliott pseudonym.