Valiant Is the Word for Carrie: Oscar Nominee

Adapted by Claude Binyon from the novel of the same name by Barry Benefield, this well acted melodrama is directed by Wesley Ruggles.

In an Oscar-nominated performance, Gladys George plays Carrie Snyder, a prostitute forced out of the town of Crebillon after forming a friendship with a young boy named Paul (Jackie Moran).  Paul’s dying mother (Janet Young) is unable to prevent her son from visiting the disreputable Carrie

After Carrie’s departure, Paul runs away from his abusive father (John Wray), and meets Lady (Charlene Wyatt), a girl who has run away from a burning train wreck.

Carrie ends up taking Paul and Lady to New York, where she gets an apartment and starts a chain of laundry stores. Lady (Arline Judge) grows very attracted to Paul (John Howard), but he feels obligated to take care of Lili (Isabel Jewell), a woman whose brother’s death he had inadvertently caused.

Seduced by his richess, Lilli pretends to love Paul, but the alert Carrie devises a plan to make Lilli leave. In the process, Lilli is shot dead and Carrie gets sent to jail. A lawyer friend (Harry Carey) vows to fight for her freedom, but Carrie decides to plead guilty, fearing she would have to reveal her dubious past. The tale end with the lawyer’s comment to Paul’s employer (Dudley Digges), “Valiant is the word for Carrie,” gives the movie its title.


Gladys George as Carrie Snyder

Arline Judge as Lady

John Howard as Paul Darnley

Dudley Digges as Dennis Ringrose

Harry Carey as Phil Yonne

Isabel Jewell as Lilli Eipper

Jackie Moran as Young Paul Darnley

Charlene Wyatt as Young Lady

John Wray as George Darnley

William Collier Sr. as Ed Moresby