Users: (Sundance 2021)

Users - Sundance Film Festival - Publicity - H 2021
Courtesy of Sundance Film Festival
Filmmaker Natalia Almada’s documentary, Users, world-premiered at the 2021 Sundance Film Fest, where it won the Directing Award.
The ambitious feature offers an illustrated meditation on our children and the future they will inhabit, where perfect machines replace imperfect parents.
Almada, who has made several docus in Mexico as well as feature Everything Else) aims high in terms of ideas.

It’s a family affair, employing Almada’s husband Dave Cerf, who designs the fusion of sound and music (parts of which are performed by storied classical group the Kronos Quartet), and her brother-in-law Bennett Cerf, who has captured the digital imagery.

Even Almada’s two little boys, a toddler and an infant, are in the movie, shot with  obvious passion and commitment.