After revamping old B-movie formulas which, by his own description, boil down to “a dangerous broad and a bag full of money,” Dahl moved from his modest indies to the $20 million studio-made Unforgettable (MGM, 1996), a twisted version of The Fugitive.

A meek female lab scientist (Linda Fiorentino) helps a husband (Ray Liotta) hunts down his wife's killer by injecting himself brain fluids of other people, which enable him to relive their memories. “I'm always apologizing to someone about the female roles in my movies,” Dahl admitted to Vogue. “I say, 'No, women aren't that mean, they're not that obnoxious.' This is the first one I won't have to apologize for.” Unfortunately, the woman in Unforgettable is so wholesome, dull, and forgettable, she was perceived as penance for Dahl's earlier and gustier female heroines.