Tucson Salvage: Forged by Adversity, United by Humanity–Docu of Marginal Lives in Tucson, Arizona

Maggie Smith’s gritty and raw documentary, “Tucosn Salvage: Forged by Adversity, Unite by Humanity,” is based on the book Tucson Salvage: Tales and Recollections from La Frontera by Brian Jabas Smith and his column “Tucson Salvage” from the Tucson Weekly.

The docu centers on five humans living on the margins and below the poverty line in Tucson, Arizona. All five individuals—man, woman and trans—have suffered by values of mainstream traditional society. They have had to escape the mental or physical imprisonment of their bodies, their attitudes and their spirits.  Some are literal ex-cons, recovered junkies, but none are passive victims.

First-time director Maggie Smith offers an intimate look at stories rarely seen on the big screen–about fighting and suffering, transcending as falling prey to their own pain.