Trial of Billy Jack: Tom Laughlin’s Franchise

Packaged in a five-disc set, the “Billy Jack 35th Anniversary Ultimate Collection” presents all four “Billy Jack” movies, as well as a fifth bonus disc.

In 1969, husband and wife team Tom Laughlin and Delores Taylor made “Born Losers,” a biker action flick that introduced the character of Billy Jack.  Modestly released by American International, it was followed by a more ambitious film, “Billy Jack,” in 1971, which became a sleeper hit, grossing $35 million at the box office.

The simplest and most propagandistic of the “Billy Jack” series, this movie centers on the trial of Billy Jack after being arrested.  You may recall that “Billy Jack” ends with Billy surrendering to stand trial for murder, though only after the government agrees to investigate all the broken Indian treaties

Wearing its politics on its sleeves, the picture, made in the wake of Kent State, shows rebellious students, fighting corrupt politicians.