Together Alone (1993): Castellaneta’s Low Budget Gay Indie

P.J. Castellaneta has made a modest no-budget gay feature (rumored to be around $7,000), shot in stark black-and-white photography.

Too bad that the film’s structure is schematic and verbose and full of symbolic meanings. The characters, who are bearing the same name, also experience the same dream.

When Bryan (Todd Stites) picks up Brian (Terry Curry) for a one-night stand, they begin talking about the various forms of responsibility–sexual, social and emotional.

In their conversations, they cover such wide terrain of issues as homosexuality versus bisexuality, Emily Dickinson, past betrayals, and son.

Castellaneta has made a sporadically engaging film of some touching moments, depicting characters who wrestle with themselves and each other.

Ultimately, Brian and Bryan represent two sides of the same complex, confused creature. Though they argue, each is too human to be easily stereotype or characterize.

Problem is, the debates are sometimes boring and preachy.


Running time: 87 Minutes.