Three Wise Girls: Jean Harlow’s First Starring Role

Directed by William Beaudine, Three Wise Girls, a romantic drama made at the height of the Depression, features Jean Harlow in her first starring role.

The screenplay is credited to Wilson Collison (story), Agnes Christine Johnston (adaptation), and Robert Riskin (dialogue).

Harlow is well cast as Cassie Barnes, a small-town working class girl, who heads to New York City, where she and her friends struggle with all kinds of troubles.

Her best friend, Gladys (Mae Clark) gets involved with a married man and tries to kill herself.

The supporting cast features Andy Devine.

The film was produced by Columbia Pictures.



Jean Harlow as Cassie Barnes

Mae Clarke as Gladys Kane

Walter Byron as Jerry Dexter

Marie Prevost as Dot

Andy Devine as Jimmy Callahan

Natalie Moorhead as Ruth Dexter

Jameson Thomas as Arthur Phelps

Lucy Beaumont as Mrs. Barnes

Kathrin Clare Ward as Mrs. Kane

Robert Dudley as Lem

Marcia Harris as Landlady

Walter Miller as Manager of Drugstore

Armand Kaliz as Andre