Three on a Couch (1966): Comedy Directed by and Starring Jerry Lewis in Multiple Personalities

Jerry Lewis directed and starred in Three on a Couch, a comedy co-starring are Janet Leigh, Leslie Parrish, Mary Ann Mobley, and Kathleen Freeman.

Christopher Pride wants to marry his girlfriend, Dr. Elizabeth Acord. However, she is too involved with her patients and doesn’t think she would be able to leave them to live in Paris for a year.

Pride finds out that most are merely despondent after having relationships go bad. To solve their problems he decides to “date” these women, without Acord’s knowledge, and give them back their self-esteem so that they will be less dependent on their doctor.

Pride adopts a separate persona–sort of ideal partner–for each woman. As Ringo Raintree the millionaire cowboy, he woos Anna Jacque, a French patient. For southern belle Mary Lou Mauve, he becomes Rutherford the zoologist (and Ruther’s twin sister, Heather), and for passionate athlete Susan, he becomes Warren, an athlete.

In the climax, all the women, including the psychiatrist, gather at a party with Pride switching from one character to the next, depending on which woman is present.

James Best as Dr. Benjamin Mizer
Janet Leigh as Dr. Elizabeth Acord
Jerry Lewis as Christopher Pride
Leslie Parrish as Mary Lou Mauve
Mary Ann Mobley as Susan Manning
Gila Golan as Anna Jacque
Kathleen Freeman as Murphy
Buddy Lester as The Drunk
Fritz Feldas The Attache

It was released on July 7, 1966 by Columbia Pictures.


TCM, May 4, 2020