They All Come Out (1939): Jacques Tourneur’s Crime Drama, Starring Rita Johnson and Tom Neal

Jacques Tourneur directed They All Come Out, a soft (benevolent) crime film written by John C. Higgins, starring Rita Johnson, Tom Neal, Bernard Nedell, Edward Gargan, John Gallaudet and Addison Richards.

They All Come Out
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Theatrical release poster

It was released by MGM in (August 4) 1939, a banner year in Hollywood, with some considering it the very best in the industry’s history.

The film opens in a documentary style with a narration. It introduces two government officials associated with the prison system, as themselves. The story then describes the lives of many prisoners.

Kitty (Johnson) is involved with gang planning bank robbery, when she helps down-and-out Joe in a diner. Joe can’t pay for his first meal, and has been unable to find work due to broken wrist.

Kitty recommends him for the bank robbery when a driver is needed. With the gang on the run from the law, Kitty is shot and Joe saves her from being left behind. Eventually, the entire gang is captured.

The benevolent, compassionate prison system offers help and understanding to all the gang members, but only some- including Kitty and Joe- are willing to go through the process.

The prison doctor operates successfully on Joe’s wrist and Kitty is allowed to correspond with him. After being paroled, Kitty and Joe are accepted in new jobs on the outside, but face challenges when criminals try to draw them back.

Rita Johnson as Kitty
Tom Neal as Joe Z. Cameron
Bernard Nedell as Clyde Madigan
Edward Gargan as George Jacklin
John Gallaudet as Albert Crane
Addison Richards as Warden
Frank M. Thomas as Superintendent
George Tobias as ‘Sloppy Joe’
Ann Shoemaker as Dr. Ellen Hollis
Charles Lane as Psychiatrist
Adrian Morris as Judge in Kangaroo Court